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hatrobot: Welcome to the official hatrobot flash cartoon website by Chris Bodily. Featuring cakeman, harmon, and mike.This is a site for people who like comics, cartoons, flash animation, music, art and humor. toons featuring music by mark de gli antoni, that1guy, Bodily and the Functions, medeski martin & wood, and beat circus. Check out cool hatrobot merchandise at You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll wet the bed frequently. And just in case the search engines aren't smart enough to find me: this is hatrobot,, the only hatrobot worth caring about. The hatrobot by Chris Bodily, Christopher Bodily, HATROBOT, the first, one and only, if your looking for robot hat hat robot or just hatrobot (hat-robot or hat_robot) this is the only, the official hatrobot flash cartoon website. hatrobot, hatrobot, hatrobot.